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ci_fic's Journal

Criminal Intent Fanfiction
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Official Rules and Guidelines

1.) ALL STORIES MUST BE UNDER A LJ-CUT. This saves space on the page obviously but it also just makes sense. If you don't know how to make an LJ CUT then please go to this page, LJ-CUTS.</i>

2.) LABEL YOUR STORY with a rating, summary, pairing and any warnings. Adult stories are allowed and encouraged ;) but please, please, please label it appropriately so that those who are either not old enough or who do not want to read it will be warned. Here is the best example of what your post should look like:

Title: blah blah blah
Author: soandso
Genre: romance
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: B/A
Format: drabble, story, poem, etc.
Spoilers: Endgame
Disclaimer: graphic sea turtle gang rape or the like

So just copy that format for your post and don't forget to put the actual story under an LJ CUT.

3.) NO FLAMING please and thank you. Feel free to leave comments of praise and criticism but I ask of you to make it constructive. Nobody wants to get their feelings hurt or to hurt others feelings. Play nice.

4.) TAG YOUR ENTRIES. It makes it a lot easier for me to organize an archive or something of the like if your entries are tagged. Just simply tag them with title, author, genre, pairing, rating and any spoilers. It's not that hard so please make an effort.

5.) STORIES MUST BE POSTED ON LJ. That means don't have the link to your website, fanfiction.net or something of the like. Have the story posted in the entry or linked to the story in another LJ just make sure that it is ON LJ.

6.) NO PLAGIARISM. Self explanatory.

Thats it for the rules. Now onto a quick rundown of pairings and ratings.


G---No harsh language or sexual themes, no extreme violence or adult imagery. Safe for everyone of all ages.

PG---Slightly stronger themes hinting at violence or sexual situations but nothing too big. Not descriptive kissing or slight language expected.

PG-13---Some harsher language, more explicit sexual overtones and moderate violence allowed.

M---Cursing permitted, violence is permitted but no extreme scenes, sexual explicitness is expanded to a certain degree. If you wouldn't want someone reading over your shoulder and seeing it then it should be M.

NC-17---Outright, blatant, in your face, hotter than the sun PWP or extreme Tarantino violence should be rated NC-17. Also if it has more curse words than a Navy ship I suggest you put it either NC-17 or M.

Be smart and considerate in your ratings, thanks.


B/A: Bobby/Alex
B/C: Bobby/Carolyn
B/D: Bobby/Deakins
B/R: Bobby/Ross
B/W: Bobby/Wheeler

M/C: Mike/Carolyn
M/A: Mike/Alex
M/W: Mike/Wheeler
M/D: Mike/Deakins
M/R: Mike/Ross

A/C: Alex/Carolyn
A/W: Alex/Wheeler
A/D: Alex/Deakins
A/R: Alex/Ross

OC: other character

Fanfic terms to know:

AU: alternate universe

AR: alternative reality/attempted rape

OOC: out of character

BDSM: Bondage, domination, sado-masochism

Canon: An adjective referring to a character, event, plotline, etc. which happened "for real" -- the actual professional source material.

For a complete list of all things fanfiction glossary go here: Fanfiction Glossary